Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Where I've been, and where I'm going

Did I, or did I not say when I started this blog that I know what I'm like, and you'd probably go weeks without hearing from me? I didn't mean to, it's just that life has a habit of getting in the way!

I still intend to finish answering the questions that were put to me, but right now, it's 7:22am, I'm still lying in bed, about to get up, and just wanted to check in and say hi. Things have been so busy lately! I managed to get behind with my custom charts so have been trying to catch up there, and then had the genius idea to begin production on not 1, but 2 new products!
Product number 1 is hand dyed fabric, and there are 10 colours on the website already, with lots more to follow. 
Product number 2 is being kept under wraps until it can be properly made and product tested. Safe to say, I'm very excited!!
Changes in EU VAT legislation in January means that there will be changes in how I distribute my charts, so these new additions to my stocks have come at the perfect time, I can't wait!
Anyway, now that's been said, I really should get up and get my kids to school. There's more dyeing to be done!

Until next time (which hopefully won't be so long), happy stitching!

Kim xx

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