Thursday, 2 April 2015

Weekly Update 2

I've been busy busy this week, or rather this fortnight, with a few new charts to tell you about, as well as the release of the new fabric of the month. This fabric is Easter Bunny and is only available for the month of April 2015. It is shades of yellows and brown, and I do get so annoyed with the fact I just can't get an accurate picture to show the colours of these fabrics! The yellow is brighter than shown, 

As for charts, I've had a few new releases as I continue to work my way through my request list. All of the following were requested, but lack of personalisations mean they can go on the website for general sale in case anyone else is interested in them.

And then we have a few charts that come hand in hand with the first of the month....

April sees the release of a new Presley all dressed up ready for the chocolate hunting - Easter Presley Penguin

As part of the KLT Charting monthly club, members also receive a chart which no one has seen before. Once the month for the chart is over, it goes on general sale on the website for everyone else. March's club chart was the Tribal Skull

And, a new month brings a new charity to support. I always try to design a new chart if I can, and this month the chosen charity is the British Heart Foundation, so I created this... Heart Winged Butterfly

Phew, I think that's everything! I didn't realise how many new releases there had been since my last update until I just listed them like that haha.

I'm also planning on having a new start this week. I really did have all the best intentions of working on my WIP, but since starting it, my stitchy bug has been a bit hit or miss. I have utterly fallen in love with the April club chart. I know you probably think I'm biased since it's one of my charts, but I didn't actually design it... it's from the artwork of Chele Cooke, I just made it into a chart! I would love to be able to show it to you, but that wouldn't be fair on my club members, so I guess you're just going to have to wait to see what it is! But I have dyed the fabric I want to use (I've gone for 18 count 'Sea Mist'), the threads I'm missing are on order (DMC all the way on this one), but I have plenty I can be doing while I'm waiting for them to arrive. You never know, I might show a WIP update next time I'm on here! 

As always, if you're reading this, I'd love it if you hit the comments to let me know, and if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see in future posts. Until then,

Happy stitching!
Kim x