Monday, 23 November 2015

It's been a while

Hello all,

Did I, or did I not tell you that I am useless at keeping up together with things like this? For someone who intended on doing weekly blogs, I have just realised that I've not posted anything here since April!! Where on earth has this year disappeared to? It has seriously flown by!

So anyway, here I am (finally), but I'm not even going to start trying to catch up on what I've missed blogging about since April. The year has been going so well. KLT Charting were very proud to take part in the Summer SAL with 6 other designers. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase our businesses, make new friends and of course, increase our wishlists! In fact, the SAL went so well that we came back to do it again, only this time there were 9 businesses involved, and we were showing off not only designers, but dyers got involved too. The Winter SAL is still on going, so if you haven't already taken a look, the Facebook group can be found here: and you'll be able to see work not only from KLT Charting, but also Jodyri Designs, Charting Creations, Paine Free Crafts, Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs, Eclectic Bloke Designs, Shannon Christine Designs, Thread Pickerz and Tilton Crafts. I know... what an amazing selection, right? There really is something for everyone!

As well as working with other designers, I have of course been working on KLT Charting's goodies. The hand dyed fabric side of things has taken off well. We now have a good selection of colours and choices available. I have set a target number and will soon be reaching that target. Once it is reached, I plan on going back and re-evaluating the collection. Those that don't sell, or are particularly difficult to dye will be discontinued and replaced with (hopefully) better colours and styles.

Charting time has been limited lately, but I've been trying to get myself organised so get back on top of things. As well as my own work, I have charts from Chele Cooke, Becky Sheehan and Amy Simmonds sitting in my inbox waiting to be sorted out into charts. As soon as I am back on top of my custom request list, I will get them all up on the website for you to drool over.

As I said, I can't fill you in on ALL the charts I have designed since April, but would like to show you this one which I have charted in memory of those who lost their lives in the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris. However, I was very aware that Paris isn't the only place we need to keep in our thoughts, and as such, I welcome you to change the colours of the candles to anything which suits your purposes. This is 'Pray for the World'

Pray for the World is a copyright free design, meaning you are welcome to stitch it and share it around free of charge. You can find your copy of the chart in the files section of the KLT Charting Facebook group.

For those who are in my facebook group, no doubt I haven't really told you anything you didn't already know, so I should rectify that... time for some exciting news!

The most recent order placed and fulfilled via my website was number 969, so I am super excited to be so close to reaching the 1000 mark! January will see KLT Charting's second birthday and I would absolute love it if we hit the 1000th order before then. I can tell you that the person who places the 1000th order will win a very special prize!

If I manage to organise myself to do another blog before the 1000th order, I will keep you updated as to what number we are at.

In the meantime, don't be afraid to hit the comments section with any thoughts, suggestions or questions - I love to know that people might be reading my ramblings ;)

Until next time (whenever that might be!!), happy stitching!

Kim x